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EEDBlogArtNeed a Contractor for Your Energy Efficiency Projects?

WE DTE understands that financial decisions can be difficult and home improvement projects a bit overwhelming… we’re here to help! WE DTE would like to introduce you to a new tool that can help save you money on your energy … read more

Businessman in office with computer and fan cooling offHow Can I Reduce My Summer Electric Bills?

Finally! It’s summer in Michigan. We’ve even had a few scorchers surpassing the 90 degree mark on thermometers. While the heat feels great following the long winter months, summer weather can impact your energy use and as a result, your … read more

Energy Efficiency Infogram“Why is DTE ENERGY, Telling Us To Use Less ENERGY?”

Op•ti•mize /ɔptɪmɑɪz/ vi. To make (something) more efficient.
Source: Wiktionary

Some of you may remember that back in 2009, DTE Energy established an Energy Optimization (E.O.) program to help customers save energy and save money. WE DTE is proud to … read more

Photography for Bio Green Gas, at the Clean Energy Renewable Fuels Facility, Sauk Trails Hills landfill in Canton, MichiganGarbage in, Renewable Energy Out

Some DTE Energy natural gas customers are green-living pioneers. They’ve joined forces in a breakthrough effort to utilize renewable resources by subscribing to DTE Energy’s BioGreenGas program. The BioGreenGas program literally puts household garbage to work. Get the full article … read more