WE DTE sometimes hears customers complain that “my power went out for no reason.” Actually, there is always a reason for a power outage.

Most often, sustained power outages occur as a result of storms and other severe weather. In the aftermath of bad storms, tree-related damage account for two-thirds of power outages. However, vehicle accidents and animals also have a role to play.

According to the Edison Electric Institute, the major causes of sustained power outages in the U.S. are:

  • Weather/tree-related outages (62%)
  • Equipment problems (15%)
  • Misc. causes (10%)
  • Public or animal contact with power lines (7%)
  • Power grid problems (5%)
  • Maintenance (1%)

An important point is a loss of power which lasts less than five minutes is often the result of our equipment working to prevent longer outages. We place automatic devices on our power lines to protect them the same way that circuit breakers protect your home’s wiring. The devices isolate a power problem, and safely and quickly restore power to the line.

Regardless of the cause, restoring power to customers and providing reliable service is always our highest priority and an important part of our mission as an energy company. For more information on preparing for power outages visit us at dteenergy.com/outage.

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