Op•ti•mize /ɔptɪmɑɪz/ vi. To make (something) more efficient.
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Some of you may remember that back in 2009, DTE Energy established an Energy Optimization (E.O.) program to help customers save energy and save money. WE DTE is proud to note that since then, the program has helped customers save millions of dollars in energy costs.
WE DTE asked Vicki Campbell , Director of Energy Efficiency programs at DTE Energy, to give the answer to the question so many of our customers ask, “Why is DTE Energy, an energy utility, telling customers to use less of its product?” Here is what she told WE DTE.

Vicki Campbell, Director of Energy Efficiency Programs at DTE Energy

“DTE Energy and the Michigan Legislature worked together in 2008 to develop legislation to establish an energy efficiency program to help customers learn how to save energy. DTE Energy believes in this legislation and is committed to helping customers learn how to save money on their energy bills.
Another reason we want customers to be energy efficient is to save our customers the cost of DTE Energy building new power plants. Much of the electricity our customers use is generated at large power plants. When our customers are more energy efficient we can defer the costly construction of these facilities.
Curtailing the need to produce more electricity through energy efficiency also helps maintain the environment. DTE Energy is made up of 10,000 of your neighbors, friends and family members. We all want the same thing our customers want …to keep Michigan clean and green.”

As Vicki notes, DTE has a strong commitment to educating customers about the benefits of energy efficiency. You may have seen one of our billboards, heard an ad on the radio, watched an energy saving video on our website or shared ant energy savings tip you saw on our DTE Energy Facebook page. We’ve been out in the community spreading the gospel of energy savings to encourage customers to take that first step toward saving energy and saving money.
Have you jumped on the energy efficiency band wagon yet? Join us and save energy and save money. Together we will. Learn more at our website.”

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