Finally! It’s summer in Michigan. We’ve even had a few scorchers surpassing the 90 degree mark on thermometers. While the heat feels great following the long winter months, summer weather can impact your energy use and as a result, your energy costs.

The good news is that there are simple ways you can lower your energy bills. WE DTE did some research and found that the average homeowner spends about $1,900 a year on energy costs, with summertime contributing a large bite to the total. It’s probably no surprise for most of you to hear that in the summer air conditioning is the number one cause of higher energy bills.

But whether you run air conditioning or fans to get rid of the hot-weather “whews,” WE DTE has some “ahas” to help you pull together an energy-smart summer strategy. These tips save both energy and dollars:

  • For every degree you set your central A/C thermostat above 72°F, you’ll reduce your cooling costs by up to 3 percent. Better yet, install a programmable thermostat and let it automatically adjust the setting for you– and get a $10 rebate! Find out how at
    If you’re purchasing a room air conditioner or dehumidifier, remember to buy the ENERGYSTAR model. An ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifier removes the same amount of moisture as a similarly-sized conventional unit, but uses 15% less energy.

  • Use ceiling fans to assist your air conditioning, and set them to run counter-clockwise (downward), which provides optimum air circulation. Remember to turn them off when you leave the room.
  • As the sun moves from east to west, close draperies and shades on windows to block out the heat.
  • Wait until cooler times of the day to run your dishwasher or clothes dryer.
  • Be sure your central A/C system has been tuned up for best performance and energy savings, plus keep your unit free of obstruction so air flows freely to it.

You can find more cooling tips at

If these tips make sense to you and you want to take an even deeper dive into energy and energy cost savings, we can help! DTE’s Home Energy Consultation Program can provide you with a FREE in-home energy usage assessment, then recommend – and install – FREE energy-efficient products to even further savings. For information, go to

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