We admit that we were gone for a while from the blogosphere. It didn’t take a mad scientist, thunderstorm and neck plugs to bring us back to life… but we wanted to make sure that our company blog was going to be a successful, sustainable communication vehicle between us and you, our customers.

We had some work to do, like figuring out ways to better communicate information to you, our customers, on our core social media channels. If you haven’t had a chance to check out some of the diversified content we’ve been featuring on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/dteenergy) or our Twitter account (www.twitter.com/DTE_Energy), we encourage you to do so!

Now back to the topic at hand – the relaunch of the DTE Energy company blog.

The goal of this blog – WE DTE – is to, first, more easily and distinctively showcase what matters the most to you, content; but, do it in a way that best fits how you like to receive information. Whether it’s with videos, photos/captions or a traditional written post, we want you – our audience – to make the choice in how you receive content. We’ve also made it easier to comment and/or share our blog content onto your FB & Twitter accounts – that is if it speaks to you :)

The messaging platform for WE DTE, an official but unnamed host for the blog, hasn’t changed that much. It will still allow for employees, customers and partner agencies/organizations to provide their input on energy efficiency, energy future, community involvement, safety/reliability and industry topics. Whether an employee, customer or partner, we are all DTE Energy. In addition to the branding of the blog, it also has a new look and improved functionality.

Until next time (we will post every Wednesday, sometimes more) tell us your thoughts on WE DTE…

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