Do saving energy and protecting the environment go together? You bet they do. A major 2009 study from research firm McKinsey & Company estimated that the United States could cut $1.2 trillion in wasted energy by 2020, keeping 1.1 gigatons of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. WE DTE knows that’s a number way too big to fathom. So, think of it this way: It’s equal to removing the emissions from every single car, truck and SUV in the United States.

DTE Energy and our customers are already on our way to making this a reality. In 2011 alone, DTE helped more than 200,000 customers save $50 million on their energy bills. As part of this effort, DTE customers recycled more than 23,000 appliances, replacing them with more efficient models. At the same time, DTE distributed more than 4.5 million discounted Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and 22,000 energy efficiency kits to customers.

WE DTE thinks there is a lesson to be learned here. If we all make small changes to save energy, the results will be huge. For additional information on what you can do to optimize energy savings in your home or at your business, visit Here you will find a number of tools and tips to get you on the road to saving energy and protecting the environment.

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